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Fathi Tarada - March 2019.jpg

Dr Fathi Tarada

Managing Director - Mosen Ltd, United Kingdom and Chairman for the event

Dr Fathi Tarada is the founder and managing director of Mosen Ltd, an engineering consultancy. He is qualified in engineering, management and law and is a leading expert in fire safety engineering, tunnel ventilation and Computational Fluid Dynamics. He is the inventor of the energy-efficient MoJet® tunnel ventilation system, and has submitted a dozen patent applications in the field of mechanical engineering. Fathi is the UK representative of the World Road Association (PIARC) technical committee on road tunnel operations, and is the recipient of the Construction Health & Safety Medal awarded by the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Alexandra Tudora.JPG

Alexandra Tudora

Fellow Civil Engineer - CERN, Switzerland

Alexandra Tudora is a civil engineer working at CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) under the Fellowship programme, on feasibility studies for the Future Circular Collider (FCC). Her involvement includes tunnel alignment studies, cost estimates, planning of site investigations and gathering requirements from other disciplines (cryogenics, ventilation, electrics etc) to be incorporated into the tunnel design.

Previously, she worked in the railway sector in the UK and gained experience in railway bridges design, assessment and maintenance, asset management and project management for a new railway station in London.  Before joining CERN in 2018, Alexandra briefly worked on High Speed 2 project offering asset protection support.


Gert-Jan Ransijn

Project Manager Preparation Operation and Management – Uithoflijn, Netherlands


Murat Gucuyener.jpg

Murat Gucuyener 

Chief Technical Officer - Avrasya Tüneli İşletme İnşaat ve Yatırım A.Ş. , Eurasia Tunnel,Istanbul

Murat having around 15 years of experience is currently the Chief Technical Officer for the Eurasia Tunnel at Avrasya Tüneli İşletme İnşaat ve Yatırım A.Ş., Turkey. He had earlier worked in various capacities at different organizations like INCO Engineering, Altunsoy Construction, ENKA etc


Gregor Schibig

Project Manager Overall Validation – AlpTransit Gotthard AG , Switzerland

Gregor is currently employed by the engineering company ENOTRAC. However, he is currently working under lease contract for the company AlpTransit, which is the building owner of the Gotthard and Ceneri Base Tunnel. In the function of a project manager he is responsible for the overall validation of the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

Jakob Boettger.jpg

Jakob-Matthias Böttger

Team leader Planning and deployment fire brigade - BLS, Switzerland

Jakob has been a Paramedic since 2006, a Rescue service instructor since 2008, a bronze level incident commander in rescue services since 2009, Silver level incident commander in rescue services since 2011 and an Incident command instructor since 2011.

He holds a B. Eng. Rescue engineer since 2012 (Bachelorthesis: Open Source Software in the field of threat prevention using the example of possible application scenarios of OpenStreetMap), a M.Sc. since 2016 and has been a Research Assistant at TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences) Projects and worked on various projects like the 7th Framework DISASTER (Data   Interoperability   Solutions   At   Stakeholders Emergency  Reaction), evalMANV (Evaluation and assessment of security concepts for the mass casualty  accidents) and RiKoV (Risks and Costs of Terrorist Threats to Railbound Public Transport: A Planning Solution for Economic and Organizational Optimization of Preventive and Defensive Measures).

From 2016, Jakob was the RAM and Safety Engineer at ENOTRAC on several projects at the Gotthard and Ceneri Base Tunnels and also projects concerning the safety and security of Train and Track components.

In 2017 he lead a team « Planning and deployment » of the fire brigade of the BLS Netz AG on Safety concept of the Rosshäuserntunnel, Several projects at the Lötschberg Base Tunnel and Safety concepts for the whole BLS Railway Network, including 56 tunnels.

Since 2017 gold level incident commander at the fire brigade of the BLS Netz AG as well as for the regional firefighting special force for railway incidents within the upper region of the canton Bern in Switzerland.

Max Lakkonen.jpg

Max Lakkonen

Managing Director - IFAB - Institute for Applied Fire Safety Research, Berlin

Max has 20+ years of engineering experience in fire protection and hydraulics, primarily in senior management positions. The experience combine both strategic and operational tasks in the international business environment. Sales, contracting, design and R&D have been his typical responsibility areas. His competence in engineering has lead more than 10 granted patents and 40+ publications. His key technical competence is in Fire Safety Engineering, Fluid Power, Fire Suppression Systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Tunnel Fire Safety and Ventilation. Max has been privileged to participate in many word class projects in the field of tunnelling, rail and special risk applications. Examples of such are various trains, Hyperloop, Eurotunnel, Elbphilharmonie, Makkah Royal Clock Tower, Dartford Tunnels and several Metro / Rail stations.

Max is currently serving as a technical committee member in NFPA750, NFPA130 and NFPA502 standard committees. Additionally he is an ITA-COSUF Steering board member and IWMA Scientific Council member.

Michael Halwachs.jpeg

Michael Halwachs

Head of Tunnel Security -PORR Group, Austria

Dr. Michael Halwachs is a highly experienced infrastructure expert with over 10 years of specific experience in emergency response, preparedness and prevention in dealing with hazards in critical infrastructure facilities. Michael has been employed as Corporate Health & Safety Manager Tunneling Division at PORR AG since 2016, where his responsibilities include overseeing the health, safety and security of all underground construction sites in Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, the UAE and Qatar. As part of his responsibility for Strategic development of emergency management procedures on critical infrastructure projects and Risk assessment on critical infrastructure projects (road and train infrastructure), Michael has used and consulted on the use of a variety of communication technologies in relation with logistical and infrastructure emergency preparedness. As section commander of 8 volunteer fire brigades, Michael regularly deals with infrastructure related training and preparedness for first responders on a national level and is part of designing systematic solutions for liaison between first responders and government during and after emergencies. Michael holds a PhD. in Chemical Engineering, and is studying for a masters in Risk Prevention and Disaster Management, and has been working as a trainer for disaster management and contingency planning for response capabilities and authorities on various levels in order to enhance capacity building and increase resilience for communities on district and provincial levels.

Marius Hofseth.jpg

Marius Hofseth

Tunnel safety advisor for the E39 Rogfast tunnel - ÅF Advansia AS,

Marius Hofseth having more than 20 years of experience has worked as an Advisor for The Norwegian Publics Road Administration as well as Statens Vegvesen. He is currently working as a Consultant at AF and also the Tunnel Safety Advisor at Vegvesen.


Lin Wei

 Senior Consultant – CCCC Highway Consultants Co. Ltd - China

Wei Lin has 10 years’ experience working on site as immersed tunnel design engineer. He now is team leader of the CCCC engineering technical research projects the structure and design methodology of submerged floating tunnel. He wrote 9 articles in English (and 40+ in his mother language) sharing new technologies of immersed tunnel developed in Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge project (HZMB). Last year, he presented in NCE tunnelling festival for live judging on behalf of HZMB Island-Tunnel project and won the award tunnelling project of the year over 2Billion US dollars.

foto rl_guarga.JPG

Rafael López Guarga

Head of the State Roads Department in Aragon, Directorate General of Roads - Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Spain

Rafael is a Civil Engineer from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) since 1977. In 1986 he joined the body of State civil engineers after working for eight years in the private sector in the transport and construction. He is currently the Chief of the Roads Department for the region of Aragon, at the north of Spain, depending of the Minister of Development (Ministerio de Fomento). Nowadays, he is responsible for more than 2.500 kilometers of roads, of which about 50% are motorways and divided highways. Under him more than 50 tunnels are being constructed and operated, including the bi-national tunnel of Somport, between France and Spain, which, with its 8600 meters, is the longest road tunnel in Spain. Most of the other tunnels are in the range of 600 to 3000 meters.

From 2000 Rafael is Chairman of the Spanish National Tunnels Committee of PIARC, which in Spain is denominated ATC (Asociación de Túneles de Carretera) and also one of the Spanish Members of the International Committee TC D.5 on Road Tunnel Operations. Currently is the Spanish-Speaking secretary of the Committee.

Rafael has been participating actively with the Committee through the participation in several working groups and directly contributing with the coordination and development of the Spanish version of the Road Tunnels Manual. In addition, he is responsible for the quality control and technical review of the Spanish versions of the technical reports produced by the Committee.


Wim Jochems

CEO - Hendriks Precon, Netherlands

Precast Moulds for the concrete industry:

Hendriks precon specialises in steel moulds for precast concrete. For decades we have been designing, manufacturing and assembling moulds in all shapes, sizes and quantities. This ranges from moulds for retaining walls to bridge deck girders, and from prison cells to floor slabs. If so required, we deliver integrated pre-stressed tables with manual or fully hydraulic operation. The innovative solutions and high quality of the concrete surface (beyond CUR 100 – B2) ensure Hendriks precon is your ideal partner.

In-situ Formwork for in-situ projects:

Tunnels, viaducts, quay walls… Hendriks precon is involved in a large range of projects in civil engineering, road construction and hydraulic engineering. We come up with and manufacture ingenious solutions that make it possible to pour columns, pillars, quay walls road traffic and railway tunnels in situ. Complex challenges in particular allow our clients to get the most out of our innovative brainpower. Whereas others are still pondering on the problem, we are working on a practical solution.

Rugiada S.jpg

Rugiada Scozzari

Fire Safety Engineer - Cantene S.r.l, Italy

Rugiada Scozzari has particular experience in numerical simulation and software applied in Fluid Dynamics, Fire and Safety, Egress and Crowd Management. She developed many projects about fluid dynamic simulation and egress of underground facilities as road tunnels and subways. 


Hans Meulman

Business Development Manager – Yokogawa Europe B.V, Netherlands

Mr Hans Meulman has more than 22 years of experience in the Control Automation.

During his career, he has worked both in Sales and Marketing for Yokogawa Europe and Yokogawa Electric Japan. He has a track record of results in the fields of Distributed Temperature Sensing, Safety, SCADA and PLC in Product Manager and Business Development Manager roles.

Currently he is the Business Developer Manager for Distributed Temperature Sensing & Edge Solutions for Yokogawa Europe.

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